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This is the last request of our 1st season of TV —- so come work on our big game of "Capture The Flag!" 


ANIMATORS: Create animations for THIS *FINAL* REQUEST LIST. Refer to THIS ALBUM of the visuals you should animate in a hand-drawn style.


Thanks again to all of you for your hard work this season! <3



Contribute to the “CAPTURE THE FLAG” collab HERE!

hey animators check it out! I might do it if I find the time

so he wants animators to animate his stuff for free and submit it contest-style, no compensation other than uh “exposure”?

hmmm, nope

This^ yeah, so not ok.

That’s not how it works. How about you actually read up on the site before jumping in and accusing somebody of something THEY ARE NOT DOING. Joe is very clear on how important it is that artists get paid for their work, and as someone who has received payment for some of my work that has been used in productions, I know what I’m talking about.

Normally I’d chalk such rubbish up to ‘haters gonna hate,’ but as a long time user I am sick to the back teeth of these ridiculous accusations about hR, ranging from your crap, which you apparently pulled out of your arse because neither of you bothered to actually read the TOS or even Google hR, or do anything really other than spout some glorious Tumblr performance rage because that’s better than thinking these days, to this ridiculous vanity project shit (by that logic everything an artist makes is a vanity project). I mean, fair enough if you don’t like Joe or just don’t like the sound of it, but please don’t make up things that are not true. ffs

(I apologise for this being on my photography blog and not the other one, but this one has more followers and I wanted to get this information out there)

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